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Traffic Information

By Air

Jinjiang Airport (NNN), about 12 kilometers (seven miles) south of Quanzhou, is located on the Donghuan Road in Jinjiang City. Nowadays, over ten airline companies are using the airport on account of its excellent facilities and convenient transportation. There are regular flights from here to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu and many other cities in China. The ticket prices are from CNY500 to CNY2000. On arrival at the airport, you can either take No.16 city bus (CNY1-2) or take a taxi (about CNY40) to Quanzhou.

Tickets may be obtained at: East Road, Licheng District or No.154, Wenling Road, Quanzhou City

Airport Transportation: Bus No.16 goes straight to the airport from Quanzhou city proper as well as 801, 802. Or visitors can choose minibuses to shuttle between the city center and the airport. Taxi is suggested at night, because the public buses may stop operating around 08:00 or 18:30.

By Train

Most of Quanzhou's railway connections operate only within the counties or districts belonging to Quanzhou plus a few cities in neighboring provinces, so it's not very convenient for you to get there by train. However, you can travel to Xiamen Railway Station and then change a bus to Quanzhou from the Wucun Bus Station situated opposite to the railway terminus. Between 06:20 and 20: 30, the buses run every 20 minutes. Usually it will cost you about CNY32; drive time is between one and two hours depending upon local conditions.

Alternatively if your approach is via Fuzhou Railway Station, you can take the luxury bus directly from Fuzhou to Quanzhou. These buses operate from the Fuzhou North Long-Distance Bus Station near the railway station. The earliest bus starts at 06:30 and the last one leaves at 19:30; the buses operate at 20 minute intervals. It will take you two to three hours and the ticket price is from CNY50 to CNY70.

By Long - Distance Bus

Quanzhou City has five long-distance bus stations, of which the newest and busiest is the Quanzhou New Passenger Transport Station. It has many buses to and from other cities within Fujian Province, such as Xiamen, Fuzhou, etc. Also, due to the well developed highway facilities, buses can reach many cities in other provinces, such as Guangzhou, Qingdao, Hangzhou and Shanghai, etc. You can choose the luxury bus or the ordinary bus according to your preferences. Once you arrive here, the many city bus routes serve every corner of the city.

Address of Quanzhou New Passenger Transport Station is No.186, South Wenling Road.

By Water

Quanzhou is a seaside city with some 24 seaport terminals serving passenger and goods transits. Consequently, Quanzhou can be reached by sea from many places such as Shanghai, Dalian, Hong Kong and Hainan Island. A new sea route from Quanzhou to Jinmen in Taiwan has been in operation since June 8th, 2006. In addition, Japan can be reached from here as well. Quanzhou Harbor Bureau is seated in the north of Xinzai Bridge within the City

By City - Bus

Quanzhou has some 22 city - bus routes covering most parts of the city. All buses stop at each station, where you will find route maps are displayed to assist you. Ticket prices vary according to the length of the journeys, ranging from CNY1 to CNY7. No.601 is the tourist bus operating between Qingyuan Scenic Spot and the Amusement Park. Practically all the city's tourist spots are to be found along this route and tickets have a flat price of just CNY1.

By Taxi

Quanzhou is not a big city, but you can easily find taxis with logos of Fukang, Santana or Jetta shuttling on the streets. For all the taxi types, the flat rate fare is CNY6 for the first two kilometers (about one mile); while the distance surcharge varies from CNY1.4 to CNY1.8 per kilometer (CNY2.2 to CNY2.9 per mile) according to the standard of the taxi.

If the taxi is delayed for no more than five minutes, there is no extra charge on condition that it is at your request or the speed of the taxi is less than 12 kilometers (about seven miles) per hour. But in other cases, you will be charged extras (One minute is valued equally to one distance surcharge). If the taxi stops altogether over five minutes, for any reason you will be surcharged for each extra minute. From 23:00 at night to 05:00 next morning, you will have to pay extra money for each kilometer. The standard is CNY 0.2 per kilometer (about CNY0.3 per mile).

Tip: In order to save money, you can bargain with the driver if you know the distance to your destination.