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About Quanzhou

Quanzhou is located in the middle on the west coast of the Straits facing each other with Taiwan across the sea. It is a multi - culture treasury vault of the world famous for its open type and magnanimity, an enterprising city full of vigor and business opportunities and a magic harmonious city for living.

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The beauty of Quanzhou lies in its mountains and rivers. Qingyuan Mountain boasts "The No. 1 Penglai Mountain" (a fabled abode of immortals) on the seas of Fujian, the Mt. Daiyun, as the "Ridge in the middle of Fujian" nourishes the people of Quanzhou with extraordinary intelligence and conceives them with heroic and broad - minded spirit. The mother river Jinjiang takes in water from hundreds of brooks and thousands of springs, passes through mountains and rushes into the East China Sea, which resembles the dauntless and valiant character and broad bosom of Quanzhou people.

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