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Quanzhou is a major exporter of agricultural products such as tea, banana, lychee and rice. It is also a major producer of quarry granite and ceramics. Other industries include textiles, footwear, fashion and apparel, packaging, machinery, paper and petrochemicals.

Quanzhou is the biggest automotive market in Fujian, it has the highest number of private automobile possession.

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Since China' s reform and opening - up, the economic and social development of Quanzhou has taken a huge step forward with tremendous changes taking place in this city. As a result, all counties in Quanzhou have been titled successively Fujian Provincial Top 10 Counties in economic strength. Jinjiang City, Shishi City, Nan' an City, Hui' an County and Anxi County, have been awarded "Top 100 Advanced Counties" by the State.

Today, Quanzhou has four special economical zones and five technological bases. Here, sveral regional brands are taking shape: The Hometown of Resin Craftship in Fengze District, China' s Leisure Clothes Center in Shishi City, the Home of China Shoes and National Base of Food Industry in Jinjiang City, the Home of Building Materials and Longan in Nan'an City, the Home of Stone Carving in Hui' an County, the Home of Rattan and Iron Craft and Oolong Tea in Anxi County, the Home of Orange in Yongchun and the Hometown of Chinaware Craftship in Dehua County.

Quanzhou is among the first group of 40 cities with favorable external environment for investment approved by the country. In recent years, the municipal government, with the aim to improve its investment environment, has been concentrating its efforts on its infrastructure construction such as transportation, energy supply, telecommunication and municipal engineering. For transportation, all of car, ship and plane come in handy. Besides, a series of policies has been released to encourage foreign investment and to improve government efficiency.

Today, with fresh appearance on the west side of the Taiwan Strait, Quanzhou extends a warm welcome to friends from home and abroad.

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